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2nd TCC Design Award Finals Successfully Closed

2nd TCC Design Award Finals Successfully Closed

The 2nd TCC Design Award Finals” was held at the Suzhou International Expo Center on April 19, during the most beautiful time of spring in Jiangsu. The 24 finalists from home and abroad took their creative designs to the stage of the 8th “China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo”, to demonstrate contemporary young designers’ innovation and understanding of Chinese traditional costume culture.

“Inheritance and Craftsmanship — the 2nd TCC Design Award” officially started in October 2018, attracting nearly 1,000 players from home and abroad. After online voting, preliminary review by the experts, review and mentoring of the garment production, the final 24 contestants were selected for the finals.

On the final stage, Suzhou independent designer Sheng Yarong’s work “Nocturnal berthing at the Fengqiao Bridge” won the gold medal, guided by his mentor, Wang Yutao. Designer, Liu Sitong’s “Such feeling cannot be recalled again” and Lin Jianfeng’s “Amazing Dream” won the silver and bronze awards. “Nocturnal berthing at the Fengqiao Bridge” is designed with Suzhou city flower Osmanthus fragrance as the design element. The fabric is made of Suzhou silk. It uses the unique traditional crafts of rolling, setting, embedding and rotating in Chinese traditional costumes. It combines modern crafts like three-dimensional cutting, decaling and hot-drilling, and finally showcases stunning modern Chinese costume, full of deep Suzhou elements. Sheng Yarong said with excitement:


“I am encouraged by the award! I am more determined of my belief: to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese costumes, culture and skills!”

The young contestant from South Korea, Jungwoo Park, brought his work, “The string of the gat”. His work was inspired by the traditional Korean costume “Gat”. This competition provided an opportunity for him to feel the traditional culture of China at a close distance. He was very happy to know young Chinese designers through the competition.

On the day of finals, experts in the field of Chinese clothing culture research, top designers of fashion design industry, and well-known clothing brands such as To Heart, Xiuniang Silk, Qipao Town and other domestic mainstream media gathered to witness the grand event of the Chinese traditional costume culture industry. Zhang Zhongjun, chairman of Suzhou Builtop Group, said that the youthful strength of young designers’ work is shocking. Builtop Group is willing to use its Qipao Town as a platform to help the emerging design power of the Chinese fashion design industry and realize their dreams!


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