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Marzeri Milano Brings Back Experienced Team Under New Name for Online Boutique Offering Italian Luxury Vegan Shoes

Marzeri Milano Brings Back Experienced Team Under New Name for Online Boutique Offering Italian Luxury Vegan Shoes

The artisans of the new Marzeri Milano have deep experience and have won high praise in the world of luxury vegan shoes. Now working with a new name but with the same or greater devotion to quality, ethical sensibilities and A-list style they are ready to take the fashion world by storm.

The number of people who are devoted to dressing in luxury while also remaining ethically and environmentally sensible while living a vegan lifestyle is growing every day. Always with their fingers on the pulse of the fashion world, longtime owner and manager Paola Caracciolo and world-class production manager Gianluca Menghini have started a new brand after exiting their last effort. Now the driving force behind Marzeri Milano, they have recommitted to making the best in vegan luxury shoes, with the company focused on both style and safeguarding the lives of animals and the environment is all that they do. With all of their team of artisans coming with them from their former brand, Marzeri Milano suffers from no lack of experience. They are happy to offer an online boutique featuring the latest in amazing quality luxury vegan shoes, where no animals are harmed and there is next-to-no impact on the environment in their creation. Even their website has been made in a way that is eco conscious.
Paola Caracciolo.

“While we always pour our hearts and souls into what we do,” Caracciolo commented, “Gianluca and I knew it was time to leave our past business behind and dedicate our energy into a new positive environment creating some of the best luxury vegan shoes in the world. Marzeri Milano is a luxury footwear brand, uniquely hand-crafted in Italy, using only innovative, sustainable and vegan-friendly materials.”

The new catalog is clearly one of their most creative yet and a child of many sleepless nights and creative brainstorming backed by a team of wildly skilled craftspeople, full of Italian devotion to making stunning luxury vegan shoes at the highest level.

Both men and women’s collections are available.

Everything in the catalog is “PETA-approved Vegan”, LAV-labelled certified animal-free, and the website is recognized by Life Gate as being “Zero Impact”.

For more information, be sure to visit https://www.marzerimilano.com and stay part of the conversation on Instagram @marzeri_milano and Facebook Marzeri Milano.

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