Gabriel & Co + Max Mara cooperation

Gabriel & Co + Max Mara cooperation

Gabriel & Co., the innovate leader of the engagement and fashion jewelry world, is honored to announce the next installment of their Designer Flash series featuring Ian Griffith, the creative designer behind the iconic Milan fashion house, Max Mara. Griffith is not your average designer; his aesthetic is rooted in the belief that a garment should not overpower or distract from the beauty of the women wearing it, and rather empower her. Season after season, Max Mara‘s use of luxurious fabrics and streamlined silhouettes continue to be a mainstay in the closets of some of the most powerful women in the world. “What we do is a luxurious version of feminism because we dress women to be successful in whatever they do,” Griffith has famously denoted. This design ideology is precisely what makes Max Mara and Gabriel & Co.’s Fine Jewelry Everyday Collection a seamless fit.

Ian Griffith’s designs, and the embodiment of Max Mara as a whole, is to create high quality, elegant and timelessly chic pieces. Each season the Milan based brand debuts tonal color palettes that quickly become coveted by women from all backgrounds. Both the Max Mara and Gabriel woman aim to be noticed not only for her impeccable style but also her intelligence and personality. “What makes Gabriel & Co. a go-to for so many women, is our ability to see beyond what they are showing the world, what they are wearing,” say Chief Designer Officer, Dominick Gabriel. “We pride ourselves on creating jewelry that holds a purpose, that marks a moment in someone’s life. Our hope is that when women put on our jewelry they immediately feel more confident and ready to face the world in front of them.”

To bridge the gap between runway fashion and fine jewelry, the Designer Flash series provides vital information to showcases the idea that fine jewelry can also be every day jewelry. The simplicity of Max Mara‘s garment creates the perfect backdrop to Gabriel & Co.’s expansive range of jewelry. Stack and layer rings and necklaces to create a stand out look or pair simple studs and bangles for a carefree combo that can be worn for years to come.

The complete Designer Flash Series collection brings designers from all walks of life and style together to showcase Gabriel & Co.’s wide range of offerings. “Each designer-dedicated web page features four parts: a written interview; the designer’s selection of five new jewels from Gabriel & Co., along with a statement on each piece; the podcast, which can be viewed and downloaded; and a #GabrielNY section, which highlights each piece that the designers used to style the model in the on-page photos.” Says Hal Rubenstein, host and Global Style Director.

The interview and podcast featuring Hal & Ian Griffith is online now, available at https://www.gabrielny.com/designer-flash-max-mara

Gabriel & Co. is a New York City based jewelry design house which was founded in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Family owned and operated, the company began in New York City and has since evolved into one of the most prolific fine jewelry brands in the U.S., sold at more than 1,200 retailers nationwide. The story of Gabriel & Co. is one of passion, integrity, service and trust. Gabriel creates beautifully unique and distinctive pieces that are designed to reflect the true beauty that is unique in all of us. Each piece is passionately designed and created as a crafted personal experience. By infusing human passion into natural elements, Gabriel creates jewelry that enhances and celebrates beauty and personal achievements. Individually numbered, each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it. Gabriel & Co. has consistently won awards since 2011 in both JCK & Instore Magazines for being one of the most innovative and best performing brands in the jewelry industry.

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