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The countdown has begun to the new edition of the most important technical-scientific event specifically for gold and jewellery. Staged as part of T.GOLD, the international show for machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to gold, coloured and precious stones and jewellery, which represents the sector’s very best in Italy and abroad (scheduled to take place in Vicenza at the same time as VICENZAORO from 18th to 23rd January), Sunday 20th January, will see the International Congress “Jewelry Technology Forum”.

The JTF, now at its 15th edition, is the result of collaboration between Italian Exhibition Group – the company that organizes VICENZAORO – and Legor Group S.p.A, market leader in the gold and jewellery sector and forerunning promoter of development and research activities perceived as essential strategic instruments.

The JTF has always been seen as a unique, one-of-a-kind training moment in Italy since it offers the chance for “Research and Development” to come into direct contact with jewellery sector insiders and update them on new ideas and trends within the gold and jewellery industry and correlated processes through the experiences of expert speakers from the academic and entrepreneurial worlds.
In fact, an item of jewellery is not just a product of the industry but also the result of a complex production process that starts from studying social trends, passes through the designer’s expression of taste and creativity, is transformed and then produced thanks to the technology applied.

The 2019 edition will introduce a new format to meet the repeatedly expressed need of the public: “It would be useful to unite extremely specialized contributions with basic chemical and metallurgical training”. The JTF team accepted the challenge, in tune with the educational spirit of the congress: to encourage the sharing of knowledge.
This is what led to the idea of dividing the day into 3 parts: JTF LEARN, FORESEE and EXPLORE.
JTF LEARN aims to be a useful tool for new recruits who want to explore the jewellery technology world as well as for sector veterans who will be able to find practical suggestions for their daily concerns. JTF FORESEE will contribute to increasing the public’s sense of direction by sharing forecasts for the future in terms of technology, style and economy. In the afternoon, JTF EXPLORE will be presenting the visionary experiences of companies and scientific institutions that will be illustrating what actually happens when know-how is exploited to the benefit of a well-defined and courageous objective.
JTF 2019 will see interventions on the technology theme – but not only – by international speakers:

– Joerg Fischer-Buehner, Consultant “Improve your micro-casting process”
– Fulvio Sinisi, Legor Group S.p.A. “Galvanic plating for jewellery: what you need to know”
– Andrea Friso, Legor Group S.p.A. “Mechanical processing: focus on the critical points!”

– Stefania Trenti, Banca Intesa “The macro-economic scenario for the gold and jewellery sector”
– Paola De Luca, Creative Director of Trendvision “2020 directions and technological innovation for jewellery”

– Damiano Carlesso, Nuovi Gioielli “Additive metallurgy applications in jewellery”
– Ulrich Klotz, FEM “950 palladium alloys from micro-casting to superior performances”
– Valentina Allodi, Progold S.p.A. “Potential and innovation of the SLM technique in the manufacture of platinum jewellery”
– Stewart Grice, Hoover and Strong “Artisan gold obtained from responsible sources: a journey through Peruvian and Colombian mining communities”
– Jacob Hensen, Legor Group S.p.A. “Improvement in galvanic decoration resistance to wear and tear”
The Congress will take place on Sunday, 20th January from 9:30 am, in Hall 7.1, Sala Tiziano at Fiera di Vicenza. Entry is free of charge subject to prior registration on www.legorgroup.com>JTF. Participation requires producing an entry pass into VICENZAORO January.

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