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Disney's The Lion King Limited Edition Cosmetic Collection By Sir John X Luminess Launches June 15, 2019

Disney's The Lion King Limited Edition Cosmetic Collection By Sir John X Luminess Launches June 15, 2019

Famed celebrity makeup artist, Sir John, & Luminess Cosmetics are proud to present a Limited-Edition Collection inspired by Disney’s “The Lion King.” Having fallen in love with the incredible imagination and storytelling of Disney’s original “The Lion King” in his youth, Sir John’s connection with the film and the world it takes place in was further heightened when his work took him throughout Africa. In partnering with Luminess Cosmetics, known for their high quality & innovative products, Sir John was able to create a limited-edition collection to celebrate the new film, in theaters July 19, 2019, when director Jon Favreau brings the iconic characters to life in a whole new way.

The collaboration has created a one-of-a-kind makeup collection featuring highly pigmented formulas with colors curated from the African landscape to create equally stunning day and night looks, handpicked by Sir John. From the innovators at Luminess Cosmetics, the rich formulas come together in hand-designed layered packaging, inspired by the iconic scenes and characters from the film. The quality of the makeup cannot be overstated, with all new formulations, deep pan powders, finely-milled eyeshadows and long wear lip products.

The inspiration behind these products comes from the story line itself: a young lion prince living in the flourishing African Pride Lands and his journey to adult-hood. The passionate tale of perseverance has still permeated society 25 years after the original film was released. Colorful moments in the movie have been reimagined in the collection, such as the rich fruit color Rafiki anoints Simba matches the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick “Romantic Atmosphere.” The rich neutrals in the “Can’t Wait to Be Queen” Eyeshadow Palette mimics the rich clays found in Africa. The unmistakable sunset orange/red color from the iconic movie poster can be found in the striking Be Brave Matte Lipstick “Lion’s Mane.”

Together, Sir John & Luminess Cosmetics have worked closely to artistically capture the essence of the film’s characters in its modern-day cosmetic collection.

Retail roll out begins Saturday, June 15th, 2019 at www.LuminessCosmetics.com/disney, the preferred retailer. On Sunday, June 16th, 2019 the collection will be available at www.ShopDisney.com and www.ULTA.com. On Monday, July 1st, 2019 the collection will be available in select Ulta stores.

Collection product retails:

  • Kingdom Sculpting Palette $42
  • Can’t Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette $42
  • Be Brave Matte Lipstick $24
    • Available In Two Shades
  • Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick $24
    • Available in Two Shades
  • Legacy Tinted Lip Balm $24
  • Circle of Life Highlighter $40

Nearly 25 years ago, Luminess Cosmetics began on a mission to provide beauty solutions to the beauty enthusiast not compromised by the constraints of the traditional beauty market.  Founded by current CEO, Sean Mehta, Luminess was created as a professional quality Airbrush Cosmetics line that was designed to be easy-to-use for the at home consumer.  Today, Luminess Cosmetics celebrates over five million airbrush units sold and its fifth-generation airbrush system which is the smallest, lightest, and most precise system available on the market.  With new innovations in lip, and eye cosmetic products and formulations along with breakthrough skincare products, Luminess Cosmetics is now a full-service beauty brand.

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