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JOY by Dior, new perfume, new video

JOY by Dior, new perfume, new video

Twenty years have passed since Parfums Christian Dior launched J’adore in 1999, its last major perfume for women, making this fall’s unveiling of a new fragrance especially exciting. Created by Parfums Christian Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy and embodied by actress Jennifer Lawrence, JOY by Dior is a new chapter in the Maison’s fragrance collection. With a universal, powerful name and a tangible expression of sparkling joy, the new fragrance is a unique experience that intoxicates the senses.

The bold creative choices for this new fragrance transcend existing codes. With its vibrant smile of flowers and citrus fruits, the smooth caress of woods and the serenity of musks, the fragrance does not fall exclusively into any one olfactory family. Rather, it is an intoxicating, harmonious and enveloping experience that gradually unfolds as the more subtle notes are revealed. François Demachy crafted the trail of the new fragrance by translating light into olfactory notes to express the feeling of sheer joy. JOY by Dior is an open, immediate and dazzling fragrance “marked by softness as well as by energy (…), a path one travels, a path that transports you,” says the perfumer.

At first glance, the bottle seems simple, before the eyes move to the bright shining silver thread wrapped around the top, the brilliantly radiant pink of the jus, and the delicately engraved perfect “O” in the center, nestled in the beating heart of Dior. The name celebrates the emotion of joy that has always inspired Maison Dior. François Demachy says JOY is in fact a quite complex fragrance. “It seems limpid but with a structure that conceals an invisible labyrinth, a pixilated ensemble like a pointillist painting, clear and precise. This is an olfactory interpretation of light that bursts forth, a fragrance that you don’t explain, you simply feel it.”

As the face of JOY by Dior, the Maison chose Jennifer Lawrence, who stars in a film packed with pure emotion and sensations, directed by Francis Lawrence. Always absolutely authentic, she colors the fragrance with her personality and natural feminine sensuality. Against the backdrop of a sleek Hollywood villa, the actress is softly caressed by the sun. The intense blue of the water of the pool contrasts with the bright white walls, diving into the sun-drenched atmosphere of the new perfume.


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  1. Love it. I bought it for gift to daughter. DiOr!

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