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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry: Physics-Based Fitting Simulation Feature Now Sweeping Over Virtual Fitting Experience

How Technology is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry: Physics-Based Fitting Simulation Feature Now Sweeping Over Virtual Fitting Experience

FXGear (CEO: Choi Kwang-Jin, www.fxgear.net), a Korean IT firm specializing in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), announced that it has newly developed a physics-based fitting simulation function to aid in the AR-based, 3D virtual fitting solution FXMirror (www.fxmirror.net), which enables the more precise fitting of clothes and better shopping experiences.

FXMirror is a virtual fitting solution that immediately measures a customer’s body measurements while the customer stands in front of a display that shows 3D clothing, created from photos of actual clothes, on top of the customer’s reflection on the display. The main advantage of the virtual fitting solution for customers is its ability to drive customers to explore more brands and more items at the same time without physically trying out every item; this then results in more effective and convenient shopping experiences.

Last November, FXGear unveiled “Avatar Virtual Fitting” — a virtual fitting solution which instantly creates a 3D avatar of the customer in real time — by employing mixed reality (MR) technology for the first time in the world, bringing forth the technology that enables virtual fittings, regardless of what is being worn, for an enhanced fitting experience.

The physics-based, 3D fitting simulation function unveiled this time goes to the next level by providing the customer with suggestions of suitable sizes for outfits, even letting the customer see how each size fits and differs in real time. First, users’ measurements are taken to create a 3D avatar, and users are urged to try out items with the trendy 3D hairstyles available. As the user checks out how each of the sizes look different on the body, it displays how tight or loose the size will be from XS to 3XL by determining how much pressure is applied by the clothes to each body part. It suggests the most suitable size based on the analysis of the user’s measured body size.

In particular, when the clothes are small, the areas with pressure on them can be examined virtually to predict the actual fit accurately. The full 3D simulation enables 360-degree rotation to allow users to investigate the front, back, sides, fit and design of the clothes fully.

In addition, because the sizes are a bit different from every brand, the 3D outfit is automatically created based on the size chart of an individual brand.

FXGear plans to have more shops equipped with the FXMirror with the physics-based fitting simulation function and to expand the related database for the more precise application of clothes sizes by brand and item.

“While the existing FXMirror automatically supports the virtual fitting of outfits in the size most suitable for users, the new physics-based fitting simulation function enables users to try different sizes virtually, compare the fit of each size and select the best size for them, which will help clothes shoppers,” said FXGear CEO Choi Kwang-Jin.



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